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Outdoor ‘walk and talk’ sessions, traditional face-to-face indoor sessions, and remote therapy from the comfort of your home or local nature spot

Lead by your needs, I will support you wherever the journey takes us

Counselling gives you a place to explore where you are now and where you might want to go, in a safe and confidential space.

Types of counselling available

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in person

I offer traditional face-to-face counselling and Reiki in private and comfortable rooms in central Stockholm and in Skälby, Järfälla.

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Walk and talk, outdoors

If indoors isn’t your thing, I also offer outdoor or nature counselling (also known as ‘walk and talk therapy’), in and around Järfälla and Stockholm, where we sit or walk in a local nature spot.

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Remote or online counselling is a way for you to engage in counselling using Internet technology, through video and audio calls, email, or even instant messaging.

I’m Nina

I am a native English-speaking therapist offering sessions face-to-face in central Stockholm and Järfälla, and remotely with clients in other parts of Sweden, Europe and the UK.

I am a UK-accredited Gestalt therapist with over 25 years’ experience in the fields of mental health and psychology, and as a therapist since 2010. I work creatively, using whatever helps you to understand yourself or your situation better. 

In Sweden, therapy is offered via two means:

  • Via a psychologist or a psychotherapist working for the Swedish National Health and Welfare Authority (Socialstyrelsen). For professionals within the Socialstyrelsen, the methods used can be limited to certain approaches such as CBT, which may not be a good fit for all clients.
  • Privately via a samtalsterapeut or counsellor/therapist. I offer private therapy, as a samtalsterapeut – this is a professional form of help for those who are finding things difficult for whatever reason. It can help you to feel heard or seen, and to better understand what isn’t working very well in your life. It can also help you decide what and how you want to change.
Nina Shah BSc Psychology (Hons), Gestalt Counsellor Dip. MBACP (Accred.), Reiki Master Level 3

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One year in Sweden

It’s a year since we emigrated to Sweden. The milestone has taken me by surprise, and caused me to reflect on the last year: my …

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This week is moving week, so excuse my absence if I don't make it here much!

I struggle with routine at the best of times (not my natural rhythm), but when I have two houses to keep going, plus moving stuff between, all the usual family management stuff, and the bare skeleton of work that I'm allowing at the moment, it's like I'm swirling in a whirlwind. Kind of fun and exhilarating, gives me high energy, but then I crash, and I'm mostly sleeping by 8pm.

#selfcare #movinghouse #routine #chaos #findingpeace

We're in the last weeks of this beautiful view. I'll miss our balcony and these trees. They've sustained me and given me strength and inner calm. Onwards...

#movinghouse #change #goodbye #moving #onwards #gratitude #lettinggo

Here's a sleep tip, great for adults and kids alike (my six and nine year olds love these too).

I've loved these guided meditations by @thehonestguys for years, but they really are a blessing right now with my overtired kids struggling to fall asleep.

#guidedmeditation #sleeptips #sleep #lotr

I've been working this morning, sitting here like an old lady with my cup of tea in my hands, and a blanket over my knees. I'm listening to my body today, and my body wanted to sit.

I find my inner peace.

#listentoyourbody #timeout #mindfulness

Homegrown deliciousness, cooked with butter (or vegan butter) and vanilla sugar, we call it Apple Surprise (surprisingly yummy!). ✨

#homegrown #apples #organic #fromgardentotable

Often when we're busiest and feel we cannot take a break, is the time we most need to. We need to listen to our bodies whisper, or they will end up screaming and forcing us into a complete standstill. A couple of minutes peace can help us become clearer of mind, physically energised, and more efficient.

#listen #listentoyourbody #takeabreak #mindfulness

Beautiful words. ✨

#thichnhathanh Thanks to @dturner300 for your post sharing this.

The video is about reality, specifically accepting another's, different to our own, reality. It's been prompted by learning about negative reactions to the new Black Ariel, watching some videos on gaslighting, and thinking about how 'madness' can be created within individuals and families by denying a person's reality, effectively shutting down conversations around instinct or intuition.

Happy Friday peeps! Have a great weekend. ♥️


Note: I refer to John Nash in the video, and this is with reference to John Forbes Nash Junior, as portrayed in the film A Beautiful Mind. I also want to thank my eldest brother, @mil_williams , for permission to mention circumstances relating to his past as part of the video.

#gaslighting #denyingreality #representationmatters #difference