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Face-to-face therapy in Järfälla, or remote therapy from the comfort of your home or office

I specialise in working with people of mixed culture, suspected or diagnosed neurodivergence, or any other areas relating to identity or belonging

I will give you a safe and confidential space, free of judgement, to explore whatever is difficult in your life, and to help you identify what you might want to change

Types of counselling available

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I have full training and extensive experience in video, audio, and SMS therapy, as well as through email for those who may prefer no interruptions, or who struggle with regular time commitments.

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in person

I offer a safe space for traditional face-to-face counselling and Reiki in private in Skälby, Järfälla.

Non-walking babies are welcome to attend your session with you.

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Walk and talk, outdoors

If indoors isn’t your thing, I also offer outdoor or nature counselling (also known as walk and talk), where we sit or walk in a local nature spot.

I’m Nina

I am a native English-speaking therapist offering sessions face-to-face in north west Stockholm, and remotely with clients in other parts of Sweden, Europe and the UK.

I am a UK-accredited Gestalt therapist with over 25 years’ experience in the fields of mental health and psychology, and as a therapist since 2010. I work creatively, using whatever helps you to understand yourself or your situation better. 

I specialise in helping people who struggle to fit in, or don’t know where they belong, especially where issues arise through living a mixed culture life, suspected or diagnosed neurodivergence (e.g. ADHD, dyslexia, autism), or confusion around gender, sexuality or relationships.

Nina Shah BSc Psychology (Hons), Gestalt Counsellor Dip. MBACP (Accred.), Reiki Master Level 3

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Info dumping versus collecting the strays

I came across a post yesterday by @unmaskedbyanna (IG) about ‘autistic info dumping’ and the differing ways that different people communicate. She commented that she …

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Email counselling – could it be for you?

Email counselling is becoming more and more common, and there are a number of clear benefits as to why some people might prefer to work …

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The story of the Washing Machine that Peed. Thoughts around what might make a `lucky` versus an `unlucky` person, or how to practice gratitude and the consequences of doing so.

#gratitude #mindfulness #serenityprayer


I would like to highlight that our cleaner is thoroughly lovely, and very good at her job. I do not blame her at all for this incident. I wholly recognise that a silly drain pipe that has to be weighed down with a broom and a hammer, that cannot be knocked even a centimetre, to stop it leaking all over the floor, is a bad idea on our part - one of many little jobs we inherited with the house that we`ve not yet got round to.

The silver lining of this, is that my husband has now raised this job to the top of his priority list this weekend, to stop it happening again - this is the third time this has happened, and the first and biggest time was our fault, and resulted in a very mouldy laundry room, so it`s about time!

For full video with subtitles/captions, please check it out on YouTube:

In this video I look at judgements, stereotypes and myths around socialising and social behaviour, and what is considered healthy or `normal` versus some other very different, yet still healthy and fulfilling, ways of socialising.

I also touch upon changes in socialising behaviour that may occur when someone is feeling burned out or overwhelmed, and how these should not necessarily be seen as signs of someone spiralling, but as coping strategies that some people use to prevent spiralling. Within this, I talk about ways you can support someone with their socialising behaviour or social life, when they are struggling.

#socialbehavior #socialization #adhd #asd #neurodivergent #burnout #nd #spiralling #introvert #introversion #expectations #expectationvsreality #socialising

I mentioned a YouTube channel in this video, and this is:

Following a post around info dumping by @unmaskedbyanna I`ve been thinking about the different ways we all communicate. Please check out my latest blog post if you`re interested in this topic.

#asd #autistic #adhd #infodumping #information #funfact #tangents

One more, by request - for both teachers and parents:

⭐️ What do you do with a manipulative or badly behaved child?

#adhd #asd #autism #overload #unmetneeds #actingout #manipulation #manipulative #nd #aggressive #angry #anger #neurodivergent #compassion #kindness #dysregulation #teaching #parenting