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Face-to-face therapy in Järfälla, or remote therapy from the comfort of your home or office

I specialise in working with people of mixed culture, suspected or diagnosed neurodivergence, or any other areas relating to identity or belonging

I will give you a safe and confidential space, free of judgement, to explore whatever is difficult in your life, and to help you identify what you might want to change

Types of counselling available

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I have full training and extensive experience in video, audio, and SMS therapy, as well as through email for those who may prefer no interruptions, or who struggle with regular time commitments.

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in person

I offer a safe space for traditional face-to-face counselling and Reiki in private in Skälby, Järfälla.

Non-walking babies are welcome to attend your session with you.

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Walk and talk, outdoors

If indoors isn’t your thing, I also offer outdoor or nature counselling (also known as walk and talk), where we sit or walk in a local nature spot.

I’m Nina

I am a native English-speaking therapist offering sessions face-to-face in north west Stockholm, and remotely with clients in other parts of Sweden, Europe and the UK.

I am a UK-accredited Gestalt therapist with over 25 years’ experience in the fields of mental health and psychology, and as a therapist since 2010. I work creatively, using whatever helps you to understand yourself or your situation better. 

I specialise in helping people who struggle to fit in, or don’t know where they belong, especially where issues arise through living a mixed culture life, suspected or diagnosed neurodivergence (e.g. ADHD, dyslexia, autism), or confusion around gender, sexuality or relationships.

Nina Shah BSc Psychology (Hons), Gestalt Counsellor Dip. MBACP (Accred.), Reiki Master Level 3

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To add to my previous post, and my previous thoughts, this is a video around what neurodivergence really is, neurodivergence versus neurotypical, and some thoughts around the theory of double empathy - empathy being a two-way street, not just one-way.

Your thoughts around all this would be particularly welcome, as I am really just trying to formulate my own thoughts around this, give structure and voice to a whole mess of feelings within my heart and soul.

#adhd #autism #DoubleEmpathy #oppression #minorityrights #homoworld

NOTE: the short film I mention within my video is Homoworld ( - I had thought it was produced in conjunction with a British University, but can`t find mention of this right now - Director Max Barber, Writers Max Barber, Catherine Butler.

What happens after a diagnosis of ADHD, ASD, dyslexia etc? Where do we go next?

For many people there can be a reaction of "Oh you`ve got the label, you`ve got the meds (if appropriate), now we can go back to being normal..."

This isn`t what can or should happen.

This is your chance to really see the person you love (whether this is yourself or someone close to you), to help heal the damage of having been unseen before, and to truly start living.

#adhd #asd #audhd #autism #neurodivergent #diagnosis

One of my favourite ways to regulate my internal landscape. This was Easter Saturday, by the firepit. 💜

Thanks to @tyra.ylvi for sending me the video. 🙏

#adhd #tonguedrum #dysregulation #balance #soundhealing

This photo was just two days ago. The sunshine and spring flowers lift my heart.

It`s raining today. The sounds of the droplets on my cabin roof are soothing. My little heaters are blowing warm on my skin, and make me feel quite cosy.

Random ponderings and little glimmers in a Stockholm April.

#aprilväder #glimmer #thoughts #view #sensory #april

A photo of recent sunshine to lift your spirits and warm your hearts.

#stockholmspring #silverbirch #silver #sunshine

This definitely hit home, expressed so clearly.

I often compare school to the workplace too - if you, as an adult, felt so anxious about going to work that you could not make yourself, that you often felt sick in the mornings, you often had headaches, that you were not sleeping, where you felt you could not be yourself, that you were somehow expected to pretend to be someone that you are not, that you were starting to hallucinate due to your high levels of anxiety, what true friend would tell you to keep going in, and blame you for your inability to fit in? Most would support you and agree (best case scenario) that your workplace is not a good fit or (worst case) that your workplace is toxic - and they would tell you to quit, or put in a complaint of some kind. They would not expect you to tolerate this until you hit burnout, your mental health suffers, and you are forced to take extended leave.

This culture of expectation runs deep in our society (on children and on parents), and many of us don`t even recognise it until someone makes such stark comparisons as presented below.

We have to stop expecting kids to put up with behaviours, expectations, or environments that we, as healthy, functioning adults, would not tolerate.

It is time that schools stop blaming parents when the school system or environment is damaging a child with a label of ADHD or ASD - or in fact, any child, with or without a label - and accept responsibility for making the necessary amendments. The school system in so many countries is long overdue a huge overhaul.

#blame #parenting #adhd #asd #school #schoolanxiety #anxiety