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Twin image

Identity issues around the twin relationship

Many people who have come across me and my work are aware that I am …

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Info dumping versus collecting the strays

I came across a post yesterday by @unmaskedbyanna (IG) about ‘autistic info dumping’ and the …

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Email counselling – could it be for you?

Email counselling is becoming more and more common, and there are a number of clear …

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20231217 081419

Awakening to live life with a conscious mind and an open heart

It’s New Year 2024 – for those of us that have lived through the Millenium …

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Different paths

What is it to be neurodivergent? A personal perspective

I live in world so infused with knowledge about what ADHD and autism are, because …

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Therapy cabin

Summer is coming!

The summer holidays are approaching. Those without kids or that love summer and heat, usually …

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