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Therapy cabin

Summer is coming!

The summer holidays are approaching. Those without kids or that love summer and heat, usually approach the holidays with joy and happiness, but for those that have less simplicity around the holiday period, there can be some trepidation. For parents, we have the joy of spending some proper quality time with our kids 24/7, for

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One year in Sweden

It’s a year since we emigrated to Sweden. The milestone has taken me by surprise, and caused me to reflect on the last year: my attempts to learn Swedish, and my work towards setting up practice as an English-speaking therapist in Stockholm. I’ve missed working face to face with clients, I am thankful that I’ve

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Success is something that most of us strive for at one time or another, whether it is work-related, to do with our relationships, or health-related – stopping smoking, cutting down alcohol or getting fit. Whatever it is, success is always related to change – it’s about something in our lives being different. It’s hard sometimes

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do you love me

Do you love me?

The need behind your questions We ask questions all the time, especially of those close to us, but we rarely stop and think about the answers we’re hoping for. When you ask someone “Do you love me?”, are you satisfied with the answer you get? If not, it may be that there is actually something

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